Upper East Coast Road

Practicality and functionality are the two most important features of modern interior design especially when it comes to designing for a older group of family. For this landed home, the family’s ease of moving and comfort of living are our priority. We renovated the dry and wet kitchen carpentry to a simple and clean look that is functional. The client wanted to keep the original wall and floor tiles because of sentimental attachment, we match the carpentry to the tiles to fulfil the client’s request. How do we make it functional? We installed double folded flush pantry mechanism doors that were shipped in from Europe, these doors are special as it will not be in the way when the pantry is in use. The overall kitchen is also easy to clean and maintain

To keep it simple and clean that fits perfectly into the modern interior design style, a light neutral colour palette is used, mostly white was used. Ambience is set by warm lighting with lighting fixtures installed above the islands to give a clean shape. LED stripe lighting is also used under the cabinets and cupboards for a seamless and linear design, completing the home with soft glowing light. Together, they give this home a modern classic look.





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