Nim Rise

This luxurious home is completed using mother-of-pearl that is a luminous, shimmering and iridescent natural material, it adds both a subtle lustre or a glamourous dramatic feature on walls, floors, furniture and accessories. Monther-of-pearl is alluring and gives off a sense of luxury, which is why we have chosen it to be used for this home. We used this material mainly at the backsplsh of the shoe cabinet, TV feature wall and stairs, inspired by the Taj Mahal look.

While designing, we made sure leverage light and airflow to help make the space feel larger, also introducing beauty, texture, and interest to the interior of the home.

Luxury interiors makes use of a colour palette filled with matallic colours like gold, rose gold or platinum with a neutral colour to balance it out. With that in mind, we chose a gold as a accent colour and white colour for the home. The furnitures used in the home also follows this theme, for example, the living room sofa is white accented by the gold cover throw pillows on the sofa to blend the theme together smoothly.

In luxurious homes, lighting is very vital in creating an ambience that is subtle yet dramatic. We have opted for modern and simple chandeliers in the living area, then completed the look with cove and pin lights for an elegant look.




Cosy, Luxurious

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