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Modern 2023 Interior Design Trends To Keep Your Home In Style!

Modern living room with dark paint paired with natural wood tones

# Trend 1: Biophilic Design

Popularised last year, biophilic designs continued to reign over interior design trends in Singapore homes. While relatively a newer term coined by modern day interior designers, the use of this design style can actually be traced back to 1 of 7 wonders in the ancient world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. 

Biophilic design is a celebration of nature and pays respects to it by incorporating natural elements in your living spaces that promote health and psychological benefits. 

kitchen counter
Blend Of Natural Elements With Greenery.
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But that doesn’t mean that we’re recommending stuffing your home with greenery. Biophilic design expands further beyond just plants, and you too, can sprinkle these natural materials throughout your home without the hassle of plant care. 

Common materials like stone, wood, ceramic, linen and bamboo work well as furniture or furnishings that can complement any area of your home, from the bedroom to the kitchen. To further exemplify, natural colours and shapes help too.

# Trend 2: Multifunctional Furniture

Since, COVID-19 we’ve permanently changed our approach towards a home’s design requirements. Post-Covid has changed our needs at home. It is no longer only a place of rest, but a place of work as well. Every square foot matters and while we’re still hoping to see hybrid housing in the future, the construction sector is only beginning to hit its stride once again. 

The modern interior design trend that’s been here since 2020 and here to stay is the focus of flexibility on living and working spaces. This is especially of concern to those who are living with extended family members or simply living with their parents while waiting for their house to be completed.

kitchen island interior design
Open Kitchen For Entertaining Guests.
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When looking for multifunctional furniture, one need not limit themselves to just search for bigger items. Smaller items like coffee tables can take multiple roles too. Mounting dining tables to your walls allow them to fold up when not in use, freeing up more space. 

Think of bespoke kitchen designs with an open concept that isn’t limited only for cooking but can be used as a spot for entertaining guests too. It would certainly make your home feel bigger with the open kitchen.

# Trend 3: Design That's Dramatic

Modern living room with dark paint paired with natural wood tones
Modern Living Room With Dark Paint and Natural Wood Tones.

2023 brings rise to the use of deep and darker paints. Warm hues paired with natural wood brown tones will be the choice of many homeowners and interior designers, from cabinetry to accent pieces, and sofas. The rich wood tones of solid wood furniture combined with darker shades of paint creates a warm and elegant space that achieves interior design that’s dramatic.

# Trend 4: Stone & Marble Pieces

Tables, countertops and kitchen islands made of the finest marble are expected to be the main show stealer in many homes this year. These exquisite pieces are carefully curated and placed with intention to create any focal point in your home from the kitchen to your living room that looks effortless. Some absolute must-haves include marble dining tables, coffee tables, side tables and stone kitchen countertops with stylish and unique patterns. 

Modern interior design unique black marble and stone centrepiece table.
A Unique Black Marble & Stone Centrepiece Table.

Besides relying on stone and marble, thoughtfully designed furniture pieces that feature well-refined details and curves also share the spotlight this 2023. Thoughtfully curated furniture pieces inspired by Art Deco styles will add a sense of sophistication to your overall modern interior design elements. 

To keep things interested and refreshed, pair those curvy furniture of yours with natural decorations. Take bolder moves by incorporating furniture with unique stone patterns that will bring out a soft but dramatic feel.

# Trend 5: Focusing on Wellness

In 2023 we see modern interior design continuing to place emphasis on self-care and wellness. Interior design that exudes tranquillity and serenity sets the tone that promotes wellness interior design. These include proper lighting and ventilation, convenience of use and movement, ventilation. All those that create a relaxing environment.

kitchen interior design
Create A Sense Of Healing By Letting Light In.
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Here are some ways we suggest checking the list above off. 

Start by letting some of that sweet natural sunlight in. Natural light entering your home through windows and doorways provides one with a certain sense of healing. Ensure proper ventilation especially in areas of the home where you rest. 

Shelves that are easy to access, storage areas with glass doors are welcome too this year, perfect for a convenient and more importantly, clutter-free home.

# Trend 6: A Happy Workspace

In homes with remote offices, you’ll find homeowners tend to go for highly personalised designs. Of course, one cannot forget the staples of a mandatory comfy office chair and huge spacious desks, courtesy of the wide selection of available home-grown brands in Singapore today. That’s as far as we can go without doing unpaid brand promotions.

study room interior design
A Happy Workspace Is A Productive Workspace.
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Bringing more imagination in, designing your workspace doesn’t have to stop here. Add more personal elements that make your space more about you, be it modular storage to keep small files and belongings, a nice soft rug to put your feet, to boost your productivity. We feel the more cosier accents, the better. There are no hard and fast rules here and finding the perfect setup that works best for your productivity is always the mantra.

The year 2023 holds many exciting modern interior design trends that both celebrate the old and bring in the new. Ranging from biophilic design to wellness spaces with a focus on furniture in particular, we at De Style are excited and can’t wait to see what we can do for you this year!

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