Hougang St 52

This resale maisonette is owned by a young couple who went through a full renovation. They requested for a black and white modern theme. Upon entering the property, a full height shoe cabinet greets you.

Floor to ceiling mirrors were installed on this cabinet in order to create the illusion of wider space. It was also used to allow more light to reflect into the home as it was originally quite dark. The shoe cabinet then extends further into the home and morphs into the TV feature wall.

Marble laminates were used to exude feelings of luxury while being cost efficient to the renovation budget. Instead of having flat carpentry done as with other firms, we opted to play with the depths of the carpentry which provided rather interesting results.

Gold accents were added throughout the property as a occasional pop of colour to break the monotony of black and white. A large glass display was built in with LED lights as requested by the client for their figure collection which is their new hobby.




Modern Classic

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