10 Minutes Read. Published 24 Mar 2023

Let’s start today’s blog with an experiment. Start by glancing around your home and looking at the furniture and belongings in each room carefully. Do the objects that sit on your tabletops belong there? Are they necessary for your everyday use? Could you do away with them and not affect your daily life? 

Minimalism is the interior design lifestyle that you can achieve when you ask yourself these questions. A minimalistic lifestyle keeps your life clutter-free. Fewer things translates into a more organised home. Being a minimalist means taking some effort to make sure your things are kept in place, even after a long day at the office. 

Feeling like it’s too late to become a minimalist? Not sure what to do with all your stuff? 

Fret not! At De Style, we’ve always proved it is never impossible to start applying minimalistic design into your home. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with simple actionable steps to take below.

#1 Double-Duty Furniture


To be minimalist, means to be minimal. Minimalistic homes are most definitely not packed with furniture. But in the bustling city life of Singapore, we acknowledge the fact this tip is perhaps slightly more challenging. The caveat here is to carefully decide which furniture makes the cut for your needs. 

Minimalist furniture often needs to be utilitarian. Designed to be useful or practical. Sounds boring? We disagree. Furniture has evolved since the years of early interior design, to serve both form and function.



Furniture pieces that feature hidden storage and are multifunctional are key to this concept. These pieces allow for less bulk in your space while providing places to hide your extra items and clutter. 

An easy starter are Ottomans. Ottomans with lidded storage are popular amongst minimalist homes as they can be used for storing small to medium items such as snacks, books and magazines or really anything that can fit within, which makes it easy for that quick cleanup before guests stop by. They also make for perfect footrests or side tables in your relaxation time.



Don’t just stop here! Decluttering extends beyond just home decor. Keep this in mind particularly when dealing with clothing items, beauty supplies and kitchenware which are often the main culprits. 

For some quick tops, take a look inside your wardrobe. If you’ve not worn any clothing in a year, chances are you probably won’t wear it again. It’s perfectly fine to let them go. Clearing your excess belongings can also result in bringing you feelings of accomplishment. Don’t forget to drop the items off at your local donation site for a good deed!

As a good practice, allocate a few days every year to declutter areas throughout your home to keep things organised.


#3 The “One In, One Out” Rule


It may surprise you just how much people can acquire and amass belongings in a short amount of time. In a flash, that empty kitchen, the bedroom closet and the bathroom space from when you first moved in, are suddenly filled with tons of unused items that are just sitting there, collecting dust. 

Even if the items are tucked away and out of your view, this does not adhere to the rules of a minimalist lifestyle and is taking up way too much valuable time in your home. Here is the sign now to start clearing out the junk.

Ever heard of the “One In, One Out” mantra of minimalists? It’s the number one lesson of your instructional manual to achieving your insta-ready minimalist home. It simply means that, for every item that you bring home, you have to choose an item that you bring out. 

For example, if you have bought a new pair of shoes today, an older pair has to be chosen to be added to the donation pile. Or you can just dispose of it if it’s not in usable conditions. This helps create a healthy balance in your home and avoid feelings of being cramped in by your stuff over time.


#4 Light It Up


If there’s one thing we want you to take away from this blog, remember lighting is EVERYTHING. And even more particularly for minimalist interior design. From natural sunlight to artificial lighting, create various moods based on your preferences.



For natural lighting, keep your windows bare. Simple windows with no extra detail lets light pour in adding to the minimalistic style. If privacy is of concern, opt for the thinner materials for your curtains. That way, you keep your privacy intact while not losing any precious sunlight. Use blinds if that suits you too. 

For artificial lighting, don’t just rely on overhead fixtures. Place some table lamps or wall lighting as well.


Designing a minimalistic home begins with aligning yourself with the art of simplifying. However, one should not confuse a simple home to mean a boring design. At De Style, we believe in the beauty of simplicity and organisation.

 Last but not least, remember that like all interior design projects, no minimalist home is going to be achieved overnight. Think of it as an ongoing process.


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